03 April 2010

Good Friday lunch

Yesterday was our annual family Good Friday seafood lunch, kindly hosted by my mother-in-law.

I was tasked to bring a dish, so I looked to the Mystery Box for a little inspiration.


Having drawn broccoli, I knew exactly what I would make….

A Broccoli, chickpea and goats cheese salad, based on a recipe found here.


I added pine nuts to the salad, in place of the recommended flaked almonds.


I am a big fan of this dish, and have been known to have it for dinner (rather than as a side dish) at times. I figured that it would be a nice accompaniment to the seafood laden lunch.


The family seafood lunch was, as always, filled with lovely fresh seafood sourced from the local markets by my mother in law.

Starting with prawns and smoked trout.



(these guys were HUGE!) 


While the prawns were devoured, Mr BBB and his mum were busy in the kitchen crumbing and flouring the next round of treats – flathead and calamari.

IMG_5340IMG_5338 IMG_5339 IMG_5336

(the ones on the left were breadcrumbed, and the ones on the right were dusted in a salt and pepper cornflour rub – for us non-wheat types!)




Next was some garlic prawns….


And oysters kilptarick…


(Salad was obviously consumed at some time too….I was just too busy eating and forgot to take a pic!)


And what to drink while enjoying this seafood feast? Why a nice sauv blanc of course!


Given the imminence of chocolate overload, dessert was a light mixed berry salad, served with a small spoonful of thick cream.


A lovely end to a lovely day with family.

Happy baking :)