15 February 2011

Alligator Pear Pasta

Tonight's dinner came courtesy of the Mystery Box, which provided a wonderful ingredient to work with...




Did you know? Avocadoes are actually a fruit, native to South America, although they are generally eaten like a vegetable. They are a good source of essential fatty acid, and rich in vitamin E and dietary fibre. Another name for the avocado is the "alligator pear," so-called because of its alligator skin texture and pear shape.


While I was tempted to make nachos, or perhaps some avocado sushi, I recalled Angela's delightful 15 minute avocado pasta dish.

And what better way to use my avocado! Or should I say....my Alligator Pear :)

While a serving of GF pasta and some asparagus (for extra green) was boiling, I processed avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, basil, garlic and salt.

The result was such a gorgeous creamy sauce.


Stirred through the warm pasta and asparagus.


And garnished with lemon rind and some extra basil.


My oh my - this was such an easy dish from start to finish.

And the best part?


T’was creamy and delicious!

Both Mr BBB and I wolfed this down and agreed it will have to be added to our regular meal list.


A winner all round!


Seriously - if you have a spare avocado Alligator Pear and are looking for a speedy dinner - this is the one. Check out the recipe here.

What about you? What is your favourite way to use avocado? I am really keen to try some avocado desserts I have seen around.

Happy Baking :)


  1. This looks AMAZING! I've never been a fan of avocado, but I'm slowly learning to like it. I've been eating it in raw vegan desserts mostly ;)

  2. Yum, this looks like my sort of dish, will have to try it.

  3. That looks so simple, yet delicious :) I'm a huge fan of the old avo!

  4. I'm making this tonight. Absolutely gorgeous, and I love, love, love avocado! Simple and perfect. Thanks, heart.

  5. I looove avocado. Recently I've been having it mashed with just a touch of salt and a squeeze of fresh lime juice - a very simple version of guac. Quick meal if you make a black bean quesadilla to go with!

  6. I love avocado-I need to use it more, I pretty much only use it in salad & guacamole.

  7. I keep meaning to use it in brownies or cake like I've seen but I haven't done it yet!

  8. I love avocado so much - and really, I think I'd rule a 3-way tie for my favorite way to use it. Mashed on toast with salt and pepper, in guacamole, or made into some chocolate mousse. Yum! :)

  9. This looks delicious! I love avocado and would like to try it in other ways besides just guacamole. :)

  10. Hehe I was really wondering what an alligator pear pasta would be like (not even thinking about avocadoes!) :P

  11. i've never heard of the term alligator pear, but i like it! and this looks like a fabulous pasta :)

  12. oh this looks like such a nice way to get a creamy texture - I'm loving it!

  13. I love avocados in a grilled wrap. So creamy, and delicious.

  14. I have been wanting to make this since I saw it on Angela's blog! Alligator Pear - what a cute name :)

  15. What a great use of avocado (or, "alligator pear" - love that term!). This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe. I want to try this.

  16. oh that looks good - it seems lika an excellent way to eat pasta in summer because that creamy green looks so cooling

  17. Great minds, I made this last night too :) I'm sure yours tasted better, as I had no lemon juice, and no will to go to the shops.

    I could tell mine needed a bit more to it but it was still good!

    I really want to try avocado dessert too, just have to find the guts :)

  18. that looks really good. I will have to try this one time, I would have to serve some chicken or some sort of protein with it though, otherwise I will be hungry 30 minutes after eating!

  19. wow that sounds soo goooood!! I love avos :)

  20. You know, I've never made this & it looks so darn simple. Love creamy pastas but this one sort of comes in under the quick 'n easy 'n healthy bracket too. Thanks for sharing this one Lisa :)