11 February 2011

BBB goes Raw Vegan

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Well for a moment at least :)

Do you ever come across a recipe that intrigues you so much that you can't stop thinking about it? You print it off, keep it in your diary, and at the first opportunity, find yourself buying all the necessary ingredients.

Well this happens to me. A lot.

But one recipe in particular caught my attention a while back. Raw Cashew Dreamcake. The layers, the interesting ingredients, the no-cooking required. Oh and not to mention the cute name ;)


There were so many things I loved about this dessert.


I loved the layers,


Which not only were visually rewarding,


But also provided a nice contrast of tastes.


The date / almond base was in one word: delicious.


The white layer was sweet and creamy...


While the vibrant pink layer was sweet and tart from the fresh raspberries.


And the flavour...delicious!


Sure, it was not the same flavour of regular cheesecake. But, given it isn't regular cheesecake, why would it!?

I am happy to report that Mr BBB was not a fan however.

IMG_5468   IMG_5470           

And why do I say 'happy'??


Because it meant there was more for me!

Head over to this blog for the recipe!

What about you? Have you tried raw vegan 'baking'? I am always open to trying new dishes and new cooking styles - it keeps things interesting!

Happy Baking :)


  1. With Amy and I just having moved to a mainly vegan diet (we'll eat our own chicken eggs) I was trying to find a nice desert to make for Valentine's Day. Trust Lisa to come to the rescue :-). Thanks so much.

  2. Oh my GOD that looks amazing!!!!

  3. That looks so fancy with the three layers Lisa! :) I'm liking this new trend for raw food!

  4. Hmm, I think you know the answer to that! I love my raw vegan brownies, cookie dough balls, marzipan... and I have a fancier raw dessert to post too, although now I feel I MUST MAKE THIS!!!

  5. wow, I love recipes like that because they taste amazing and feel so nourishing!

  6. I do a lot of began recipes! I am not a baker though ;)

  7. I've never tried raw vegan baking, but I have done raw cooking before. I convinced the husband to eat zucchini "noodles" with a raw sauce for dinner over the summer. I thought it was delicious, but he said it wasn't filling.

  8. Wow that cake looks phenomenal! I've never tried raw vegan baking before but for something like this I would!

  9. That cake is adorable! I've never attempted anything like that, but maybe I should since I can't seem to bake very well!

  10. It's beautiful! I love that date crust. Dates and almonds go so well together!

  11. That has to be the happiest-looking cake ever! Lol! Have an AMAZING WEEKEND, SWEETS!!!!!!

  12. When I bake I go all out - 100% butter, eggs, and sugar! :)

  13. I'm drooling! Between this and the baked spring rolls, there's another two recipes to add to the collection to try.

  14. I'm a bit with Mr BBB - the raw vegan "desserts" I've tasted have looked wonderful but been a bit underwhelming, perhaps because I've been expecting a "real" cheesecake taste! However, I don't want to sound too negative here because your dish looks amazing. I had a look at the ingredients and well, I'd be just happy nibbling at that base all day!

  15. I love it when a non vegan or raw food *foodie* makes one of these recipes & yep, I'b be intrigued with it too, it looks really inviting & fresh & just a little bit fun too. Thanks for the review :)

  16. looks amazing - I love cashews and nuts so this sort of thing appeals - have bookmarked it for the right occasion though I probably should practise for it

  17. I have this same cake bookmarked already! Haven't made it yet, or any raw desserts really, but it's on the list.

  18. I think I posted this same exact recipe on my blog! I am new to raw "baking" as well...but i've quickly become a HUGE fan (okay...maybe obsessed). It's so easy, fun, delicious, and healthy! Welcome to the club:)

  19. That looks amazing! I don't know how you couldn't be a fan of this!

  20. I have been wanting to make this since I saw it!!! Gorgeous!

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  22. I love raw vegan baking!! I love being able to satisfy my sweet tooth in a more healthful way!

  23. Looks interesting, I'm also with the idea of making this one.