23 October 2013


Slowly I am re-appearing from what turned out to be a rather nasty tummy bug. A quick onset on Monday morning saw me sit nauseated through a work meeting, then flee home for the comforts of home (and our home bathroom). Barely able to move, and unable to tolerate anything but a few sips of flat lemonade, it certainly was not one of my finest days (and left me feeling grateful that Charlotte was in day-care and that the husband was able to get off work early).

Tuesday, was a challenge for different reasons. With a lingering “cant move” fatigue, a 19 month old who was full of beans and a husband who returned home from work early with the same tummy bug I’d had the day before.

Yep it has been a rather unusual start to the week, that’s for sure. No running, no cooking, and not a lot of movement.

But this morning I have woken up feeling pretty damn good. I’m hungry, I can think straight, and I’m ready to catch up on 2 days of lost work / and lost life!

I am grateful that this bug only lasted a few days, for any longer and I think I would have gone crazy. Being sick is one thing…but being sick whilst caring for a child and having a sick husband is certainly another!


  1. Oh wow, Lisa, that sounds awful. Very glad for you that it was over relatively quickly. Hope all returns to normal soon.

  2. Sorry to hear Lisa. I know how bad it when the kids get it let alone when Mum gets it too.

    Anne xx