10 January 2014

5 things Friday

1. Have I mentioned lately just how fun life with a  toddler is? Everything is an adventure!


No longer is a walk to the shops just a walk. No it is a ‘bug-spotting-dog-patting-grass-running” adventure – that keeps us all entertained.

IMG_7539 IMG_7540

2. Speaking of the little one, this girl has an obsession with…..


Water! She will run around the house and collect up all the water bottles she can find. I guess this is something I too should start doing (although I would prefer to keep my pants on when I do…)

3. Something I’m not a fan of….


Fridge magnets. That are supposed to be on the fridge, but I seem to find everywhere but the fridge. Nasty little things…

4. But something I am a fan of??


Dawn running!

I got three runs in this week, so I’m feeling pretty chuffed. Even with the chaos that was the first week back at work – my morning running ritual was a perfect way to keep me calm.

5. It looks like a fun weekend ahead – with my two best gal pals arriving into town. Can’t wait to spend some time with them – and catch up on all the Melbourne goss!

What about you? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. I find our walks slow down too but we see every detail too - last night we walked home smelling every rose in the street :-) I love fridge magnets but on the fridge not on the floor - glad you are finding time for runs and walks with Miss C even in back-to-work mode

  2. Hanging out with toddlers is definitely a test of patience, but gosh they're just so endearing you can't help but smile. She's gorgeous!

  3. She's such a delight! And it seems like she's never short of a smile too! :D