17 January 2014

5 things Friday

1. We have been hitting up spot on a local river recently, and although it might not be a ‘beach’, it has been lovely being able to cool off in the great outdoors!


Hard to believe that this is only 15 minutes from home?! Gotta love living in the Bush Capital!

2. Thankfully, Charlotte just loves the water, and is always sad when it is time to leave. Note to self: Must get her back into swimming lessons – for I think we have a little fish our hands!


3. Another recent ‘look how much she has grown’ moment? While trying out a new coffee shop (by accident) and C getting right into the coffee babycino  culture.


You can slow down on the whole getting older thing now please!!!!

4. My favourite meal of the week? This delightful homemade  lamb and silverbeet  gozleme…


Full details next week, but let’s just say that deciding to make dough on a 38C day was probably not the smartest idea…however the end result more than made up for the effort!

5. My favourite run for the week? A sneaky little 5ks around the neighbourhood this morning, as dawn broke and before the heat of the day kicked in.


Despite the early hour, I still felt a tad parched so it was a good lesson in upping my water intake. Gotta stay hydrated!

What about you? What was the highlight of your week?


  1. Lisa, it's been a while since I popped in, happy new year! Charlotte is quite the little girl now, not a baby any more! Wow! Love your photos!

  2. Giving a presentation to approx. 25 seniors on knee arthritis on Tuesday, then getting a 12 mile run in on Friday. Made Irish soda bread with raisins last Saturday and the kitchen has been quiet since!

    1. That all sounds just lovely ! A nice mix of work and play :)

  3. Finally getting all caught up on your blog (again). I have read all your posts. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. Charlotte is at that age where the magic begins. Such a precious time. Love the spot you've found at the river to go swimming - looks magical.