13 June 2014

5 things Friday

1. Short weeks = fast weeks! Although I can’t help but feel we end up trying to fit 5 days work into 4 (or – more accurately – 5 days work into 3?!). I made it through, however, with lots of little family adventures along the way.


2. For gone are the balmy Summer evenings – that we would fill with trips to the park or an evening stroll. Instead, we’ve had to get creative – to keep ourselves occupied and entertained in the evening hours before bed. Sure, we have still rugged up and taken walks – but they are less ‘lingering’ given the cool temps outside.

3. Luckily Charlotte has quite the imagination these days, and keeps us both laughing with regularity. A current favourite? Filling a little bag with whatever odd things she can find – and refusing to go anywhere without it?

IMG_0018  IMG_0021

As well as bossing around all her toys, building forts and “cooking” dinner!

4. Another recent favourite? Putting this storage cube to good use….


An idea that was also quickly taken up by one of our furry friends…


5.  And there has been cooking. Lots of cooking. Mainly of the comfort-hearty variety. Such as this rather tasty mushroom and egg fettuccine.


Recipe to follow next week!

What about you? How have you been staying warm – but entertained – this Winder?


  1. Adorable photos! Not to mention the fettuccine looks tasty, I'll stay tuned for the recipe. :)
    As for staying warm and entertained, I've been playing loads of games with my son on these ever-increasing rainy days, 'snap' has been a firm favourite.

  2. it seems there has been lots on to entertain us in the cooler weather lately - piles of autumn leaves have been great but I have felt sorry for the person who raked them into a pile. Your house reminds me of ours with the bags and boxes and cats sharing everything they can