11 June 2014

From the BBB Soup Kitchen: Broc-Cauli Soup


I think I may as well just declare it soup month. Or soup months.

Or perhaps I should call it the “BBB Soup Kitchen”.

For soup seems to be our ‘go to’ meal when desire to get to to the shops is lacking.

Not only is it simple to prepare, I love that you can pretty much throw in whatever you want – and get a big warming healthy bowl-of-goodness at the end.


On this occasion – it was a broccolini & cauliflower combination. All the ingredients thrown into a pot – and simmered with herbs, garlic and chicken stock.


Blended to perfection – and served with some roasted walnuts and a side of sourdough.


Yep – why by store bought when homemade is this easy?!


Now – what to feature next in the BBB soup kitchen?


What about you? Are you a fan of homemade soup?

1 comment :

  1. LOVE homemade soup, especially the 'throw in whatever's in the fridge and blend it' type. This looks delicious :)