01 July 2014

Mesquite fruit bars

Happy new financial year lovely people! I *should* probably be starting on our tax returns, or perhaps working on finalising the business books, but instead I want to share with you this tasty little treat that made an appearance in the BBB kitchen this past weekend.

Filled to the brim with dried fruit, oats and coconut…


And flavoured with a new ingredient – mesquite powder – I was really pleased with the end result.


The batter was not unlike a cake batter – and resulted in a bake that was light yet moist.


Finished with some melted dark chocolate and a sprinkle of coconut…


And we had ourselves quite the tasty treat for afternoon tea.


I loved all the “hidden” surprises – with the yummy dates and apricots shining through. Not to mention the sunflower seeds for crunch.


Definitely a great treat to add to our ‘lunch boxes’ this week – with half of the batch going into the freezer for future treats too!

Feel free to email me for the recipe!

What about you? Baked any interesting lunch-box treats lately?

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